Drop D strings and plastic free packaging available now

Kemp Strings now offers Drop D string sets as an option on all string sets. These are also good for other tunings with the same relative tuning for the bottom four strings such as Drop C and DADGAD. When you select strings in the Kemp Strings Shop you are required to choose your tuning (Standard or Drop D).

A photograph of Kemp Strings paper envelopes and a guitar string showing how the B and A strings are identifiable by paper tags.
Kemp Strings are now available with a plastic free packing option

Plastic free packaging is also an option in the Kemp Strings Shop now. You can select between the environmentally friendly plastic free packaging option or the inclusion of a plastic reusable grip seal bag to seal your strings away from moisture. The B and A strings are identifiable by paper tags so the strings can be packaged within a single paper envelope. Kemp Strings are coiled into packets using gloved hands to minimise corrosion. We are focused on saving resources while making the best strings possible.

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