Kemp Strings bend test versus industry standard strings

A new video has been released on YouTube showing Kemp Strings significantly outperforming industry standard strings from two other manufacturers (equal tension strings and otherwise) in terms equalising the pitch change produced for conventional pitch bends of equal force. This is measured using a weight (2 lb) hanging from the strings at the 12th fret position. The flatter the graph, the smoother the feel!

The results are sumarised in the graph with the Kemp Strings having equal pitch changes for five strings (in the range between 275 – 290 cents or 2.75 – 2.9 semitones) when the 2 lbs weight is used for conventional pitch bends. The strings made by two different major string manufacturers vary in the range 260 – 370 cents (2.6 to 3.7 semitones) for the equal tension strings and 200 – 360 cents (2.0 to 3.6 semitones) for the commonly available gauges. Kemp Strings therefore give a more consistent feel moving strings to string. You can see the experimental proof in the following YouTube video, with a couple of minutes of discussion and then almost 20 minutes showing the scientifically reproducable experiments. Here’s that video:

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