Lumped 45s for Bass


Kemp Strings Lumped 45s for bass guitar with raised mass near the saddle.

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Kemp Strings Lumped 45s for 4, 5 or 6 string bass guitar are the world’s first equal sensitivity electric bass guitar strings and come precision engineered with raised mass near the saddle for all strings. You can now purchase these strings optimised for surface mount or through body mount bridges with the ball end to saddle distances and (34 inch) scale length compatible with Fender® designs. Dr Jonathan Kemp will email on ordering to confirm the exact make and model of bass these are intended for to ensure compatibility. Basses with non-standard designs may need custom strings made with approximately one month lead time from this website. Please email for enquiring about strings for basses of different scale lengths, tunings or non-standard distances of string between the ball end and saddle. Feel free to email for strings where only the thickest string(s) are given lumps.

Never before has the tone, harmonic support and intonation for musical harmony been so consistent throughout the playing range as seen in the latest open access peer reviewed research paper by Dr Jonathan Kemp of Kemp Strings. The distances and forces required for pitch bends have never been more finely matched. Roundwound with nickel plated steel (a.k.a. Nickel Wound) these strings feature hex cores. Welcome to the next generation of bass guitar strings. You can also read more about our lumped bass guitar strings in the blog post on the topic.

Bass Lumped 45s fitted

Gauges are 45, 60, 81, 108 for standard four strings plus 146 for five string sets. This gives a tension of 189 N (which is 19.3 kg = 42.5 pounds) for the G string, and very close to equal tension across the strings (187 N for D, 191 N for A, 190 N for E and 195 N for low B strings) assuming standard 34 inch scale length. Sets consisting of 60, 81, 108 and 146 for BEAD tuning and high C strings for EADGC and 6 string (BEADGC) are also now available.

Kemp Strings® is a registered trademark of Jonathan Andrew Kemp and is registered in the UK under No. UK00003408107.
Fender® is a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instrument Corporation (FMIC). Kemp Strings is not affiliated with (FMIC).

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 13.5 × 1.7 cm
4/5/6 String?

4 String, 5 String, 6 String, BEAD, EADGC

Surface Mount?

Surface Mount, Through Body


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