• The world’s first strings for standard electric guitars to give:
    • – Equal force applied means equal pitch bend on five lowest strings
    • – Chords bend in parallel on the four lowest strings
    • – Great tone and sustain with more consistency across strings
Check out Graham Young’s demo and shop now to buy Kemp Strings or email info@kempstrings.com for custom string set enquiries.
  • The world’s first bass strings with lumped design for:
    • – Reduced inharmonicity
    • – More consistent bending response across strings
    • – Less floppy on the bottom strings
    • – Better tone high up the neck

NEWS: See the blog post The smallest bass in the world? thanks to Kemp Strings and read the research paper on lumped bass strings. You can buy now on preorder and we will be in touch to confirm the exact instruments you want to strings up and come up with the perfect strings for you.

Kemp Strings are made in the UK and have been designed through research carried out at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. The underlying research has been published as a journal article on electric guitar strings in the peer reviewed science journal PLOS ONE and as a journal article on bass guitar strings in the peer reviewed science journal SN Applied Sciences. Kemp StringsĀ® is a registered trademark of Jonathan Andrew Kemp and is registered in the UK under No. UK00003408107.