Dr Jonathan Kemp of Kemp Strings and the University of St Andrews has been helping musical people all over the world to connect during the social isolation of the COVID-19 outbreak by writing code the enable collaboration videos to be created in REAPER digital audio workstation (DAW) software. Check out his guide:
How to make a Virtual Choir or Virtual Band Video in Reaper (grid of any number of video files)

The process, described in the YouTube video above, involves copying and pasting and saving Jonathan’s code into the Video Processor plugin on Track 1 of a Reaper project and then having a bunch of videos in Track 2, Track 3 and so on. A grid of videos is produced (visible in the View>Video) and the code automatically allocates column and row numbers to include all the videos in the project. Easy to use controls appear for dragging parameters to give some great customisations and these can automated for some cool effects. Check out Jonathan’s Video Code on the Reaper Forum.

The code has been used to generate many posts including this video from Teannaich, Jonathan’s rock ceilidh band which also features Kemp Strings Lumped 45s on his Sadowsky bass.

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