Guitar and Bass String Physics Video

Dr Jonathan Kemp has created a new video on the physics of guitar and bass strings explaining the importance of engineering strain on sensitivity to pitch bends (including how this can be controlled for wound string designs) and explaining why he designs lumped bass guitar strings.


Quantitative Analysis of the Musicality of an Electric Guitar Tremolo by Jeremy Ozer (2008) Carnegie Mellon University

String Theory – The Physics of String-Bending and Other Electric Guitar Techniques by David R. Grimes (2014) PLOS

The physics of unwound and wound strings on the electric guitar applied to the pitch intervals produced by tremolo/vibrato arm systems by Jonathan A. Kemp (2017) PLOS

On inharmonicity in bass guitar strings with application to tapered and lumped constructions by Jonathan A. Kemp (2020) SN Applied Sciences

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